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What are you Looking For?

Below is an article piece from LinkedIn about things to consider when looking for a new job and WHAT to tell people of they ask you.

  1. What do you want from your next role? To develop technical skills or leadership, to stretch yourself, to embed skills you already have?
  2. Do you have an idea of the role you want in the long-term? Is your next role a stepping stone to that or do you want something completely new?
  3. How senior a role do you want? Why? Do you want to be a leader and do you have experience in this? Would you prefer to work in a team or alone? How big a team would you prefer?
  4. What industries have you worked in before that would give you an edge, and what industry do you want next? Why?
  5. What type of company do you want to work for? A small start-up, a growing company, a large corporation?
  6. What type of work environment do you want? Fast-moving, flexible, traditional, innovative? Is the development methodology important to you? Do you want a team where roles are flexible and varied or do you prefer clearly-defined responsibilities?
  7. What salary/benefits would you want ideally and do you have a minimum in mind?
  8. Do you have any must-haves?
  9. What is most important to you? The role, company culture, salary, benefits, training, flexibility, industry, opportunities, location, or other things?


I met Shirley through working at 2degrees with her – she was a contractor Test Lead and i was a Junior TA. I found Shirley to be one of the best Test Leads/Manager i have had the pleasure to work with. I mean this lady is seriously clued on. The best thing i found about her was she had the ability to answer my testing theory related questions, something strangely enough i found was lacking.

Now don’t get me wrong, people knew how to do their jobs and do it really well . But it was more practical approaches on how to achieve something. Shirley approaches work from how things work, teaching you what you need to achieve instead of following a template method.

Shirley can be found at her new company site