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ISTQB Foundation

These days ISTQB Foundation seems to be the minimal course that everyone has listed on a job description.

There are plenty of places to get them done. I got mine at Plantit who i really recommend. Its a 3 day course and they are a lot more hands on with their approach. The course was well facilitated and i found the material to be more extensive. They also do a guaranteed pass for the Foundation certification and a refund in the rare instance of failure.


BBST Foundations course

Association for Software Testers: BBST Foundations course

It costs US$125 and takes about 10 hours a week for a month. It’s hard work but really worth it and is a course that’s often recommended by other good testers. It’s all online so you need to be diligent about logging in, watching course videos, reading material and doing homework. You need to be an Association for Software Testing member to sign up for BBST Foundations. That costs US$75 a year so it’s best to sign up for the year you intend to do the course.

You get a lot of value for US$200 and it develops actual testing (and associated) skills. The course fills up very quickly – I think when I did it I booked 6 months in advance.