Its been a while

Haven’t done a blog post for awhile

And it has not been because of lack of interest. Mostly i think its being because, well it can be bloody over-whelming sometimes,  to be a tester (lets not even consider been a GOOD tester).

And this is why this particular article has drawn me back into my own blog (my own mind dump which i think still has 0 readers / watchers)

Firstly, a clarification on where i stand. I don’t think┬átesting is harder than dev. Think both of them have their own challenges and dramas


James Willett is correct. Testers DO need a lot of skill sets.

We are not here to prove something doesn’t work.

A Testers World Is:

  1. We have to think like every player involved (think PM, enduser, fellow team, stakeholder, actual behaviour)
  2. We do test, write docs, sometimes code, throw in a bit of BA and product management in there as well
  3. Tell a bunch of hopeful faces bad news (sorry guys i know the go live date is x but y still does not work)
  4. Training – urh sorry what ?? How do you write a test case? Well you look at requirements and then write things down. Oh set of guidelines that we follow all the time, there isn’t one
  5. Expectations. Everyone’s expectations is now my problem. And will always be regardless of how well things go or how badly. And each expectation is just as important as the next persons
  6. Shit goes sideways and the question will always be why wasn’t this picked up during testing but if things do go well, the devs are doing a great job!
  7. And if you are lucky (like i currently am) you have a bunch of devs who do litsen to your input. But usually, we testers need to have loud voices if we want to be heard

All this + knowledge of every db, system, architecture, language, program, app, tool in order to be marketable. This can be weighty, especially when you want to survive

How do you survive?

Well i will let you know when i have answers

Until then from this tester to another, laters